About Your Cedar Roof

Cedar shingles contain natural oils which protect it from algae, mold, insects and UV rays…

These oils will dissipate after 6 months to a year. At that time, these oils will need to be replaced in order to prevent further deterioration. Our special blend of stains and oils will both enhance the appearance of your roof, while protecting the shingles from future damage.

Your cedar roof is a statement of beauty and integrity. Protecting it from unnecessary damage and deterioration is a smart decision.

The Cedar Treater preservation process includes:

● Protecting any surrounding walk ways or landscaping as needed

● Performing any necessary shingle repair or replacement

● Gently removing the mold and algae from the surface of the shingles using nothing more than an environmentally safe cleaner and water

● Installing our special blend of oils and stains by hand, not with a sprayer

● Cleaning all gutters of any debris

The average cedar roof will last between 15 to 20 years. With the Cedar Treater preservation, a cedar roof can last between 40 and 50 years! Call Cedar Treater today for a no cost roof analysis!